About Us Mark
Our History: Tastebud Farm originated as a small sustainable family farm sitting on five-and-a-half fertile acres near Canby, Oregon. Because we were relatively small, we took care and pride in how we grew things, and were able to grow a diverse crop that included some fun and interesting vegetables, greens and herbs that are difficult to find in markets and offered a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.

In 2000, in collaboration with the Portland Farmerís Market board, we built a wood-fired brick oven in order to offer a delicious selection of rustic-baked goods, which were sold at farmerís markets and other events in the Portland area.

Over time we began to focus more heavily on the catering side of Tastebud's business.

In 2005 we decided it was time to sell the farm and discontinue our CSA and produce offerings. We also decided it was time to move back to Portland.

We have since devoted our entire business to wood fired baking and catering. In early 2008 we are finally, after many requests, able to open a small dining room.

The Chef: Mark Doxtader is the chef/owner who has a passion for the rustic alternative to traditional catering. He believes in creating a community of members who are interested in sharing meals.

Our Goals: As Tastebud grows, we have continually tried new things. Our goal has been to find a niche doing something that the community embraces and that we enjoy. We believe we have found our niche with the brick oven cooking and are excited to see where it takes us.

Tastebud Farm